About Us

Nisha GargMy name is Nisha Garg and I have been following Anik Singal’s training programs since years now. Naming a few, Inbox Blueprint (email marketing course), List Academy (again an email marketing course), Profit Academy (based on creating your own information product), and then “Lurn Insider” (Version 2015 and now version 2017) course.

Learning and implementing each step, I know about every deepest issue or question anyone may come across.

My main purpose to create this website is to give detailed answers to each question that came to my mind when I was at a learning stage and help you to get through the course and the Lurn Insider toolkit quickly. I followed it personally, and how it resulted to in real is also what I shared here.

Please keep reading and if you think there is anything more that can be added, feel free to email me at nisha.coach@gmail.com. After all, we all want to read and provide accurate information and no fake claims. I hate scams!

P.S. – If you find any negative reviews please email me so I am able to determine the truth behind them.

Thank you!