Lurn Insider Review

Hey, here I am with detailed Lurn Insider Review. I have been following Anik Singal’s launches (the owner of Lurn and creator of the product) since years and love the way he presents them to the world.

Being named as one of the Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by Business Week Magazine, Anik Singal’s proven email marketing, digital publishing, and event-based marketing strategies have generated him over $100 million in recent years.

Lurn Insider by Anik SingalLurn Insider was initially launched in 2015 and was offered only to Anik’s existing students so they could upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Looking at the positive reviews, growing demand and success, he officially launched it for everyone on May 02, 2017 (enrollments are STILL OPEN). The previous course modules and videos have been updated to match the latest trends.

So, What’s Lurn Insider All About?

It is a full-proof training program which teaches you how to build and grow your business online. No prior experience or skill level is required.

The entire course has been divided into easy to follow video tutorials that help set-up business; basically, through affiliate marketing, in no time.

Whether you are a newbie who haven’t yet started or someone who already have his business running but looking forward to taking it to a next level, Lurn Insider is a perfect course for both.

What do you learn?

The course teaches you about the 3 essential things you need to succeed online:

The Three Essentials#1 Effective money-making systems with proven strategies and case studies. Being updated monthly.

#2 Tools and resources required to take your business growth on hype. Here you learn where exactly the investments are required and where they could be avoided.

#3 The support and guidance. You receive direct 24×7 support from Anik and his expert coaches. In addition, there is a members-only community where you can interact with other members and expert coaches directly.

What’s inside?

I have my own review access to the members’ area from Anik, so what’s the real catch behind the training program has clearly been stated here.

The moment you step into the lurn insider members area, you see a welcome video by Anik and the top 2 renowned marketers named, Les Brown and Robert Kiyosaki.

You are then been asked to join Skills Mastery Training, Inbox Bootcamp webinar series and Success Weekly that shows exactly the same system Anik Singal followed to make around $30k+ in 5 days.

Make sure you watch all the videos on the members area homepage before you dive into the Lurn Insider course material.

The entire course is divided into 3 phases with 10 modules in all, including the webinars’ and replays.

The 3 Phases To Online Mastery

Everyone who enrolls to Lurn Insider starts with a Power Start-Up 101 daily lesson which motivates and help you to focus on your goals. This is the part of Phase 1 day zero of your business start-up followed by 21 days of certification.

These days (Day 0-20) cover the first 4 modules of the course. Each module is further divided into lessons with each having videos teaching you the know-how to achieve online success.

The 4 Course Modules - Day 0 to Day 13

Breaking the day lessons:

Initial 21 Days Transformation CommitmentDay 0: Power Start-Up 101
Day 1: Entrepreneurial Bootcamp to start your journey
Day 2: Recap of Day 1
Day 3: Discovering the best Internet Business for Beginners
Day 4: Niche Selection
Day 5: Recap of Day 4 to make sure you have chosen your niche
Day 6: Learning how to profit online through Monetization
Day 7: Learning the advantages and importance of Email Marketing for your business
Day 8: Creating your own website (which is one-page opt-in website)
Day 9: Getting your autoresponder account set-up
Day 10: Learning about the necessary tools required to run your business
Day 11: Recap of Day 10, teaching you what expenses to avoid.
Day 12: Secrets to Copywriting
Day 13: Recap of Day 12, teaching you how to find the writers
Day 14: Learning the correct way to write emails
Day 15: References to free traffic sources
Day 16: Paid traffic sources
Day 17: Learn how to track your website traffic and conversions
Day 18: Outsourcing
Day 19: Analyzing your business’ exponential returns
Day 20: Secret steps further, and
Day 21: Congratulation day!

Anik Singal has wrapped these 21 days’ lessons into one pack named as Lurn Insider “Entrepreneur’s Toolkit” and is giving it away absolutely free requesting a contribution of $4.97 for a good cause from you.

The days have been divided into three courses, which are the first 3 modules namely,

  1. Power Start-up 101
  2. The Scaling Mind and,
  3. The Profit Labs.

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Breaking the training modules further; which is the Phase -2:

Lurn Insider Members AreaModule 4: Skills Email Mastery
Module 5: Cutting Edge Training which teaches you:

    • how to get started with Facebook Ads
    • how to create great video content
    • how to make money with books
    • secrets to a high converting funnel
    • how to build a membership site with WordPress
    • how to use outsourcing
    • how to find & recruit affiliates
    • 5 keys to boosting your email deliverability
    • how to get traffic from email media
    • how to get free traffic by blogging.

Module 6: Tools Insider which helps you find “THE BEST”:

    • Click Here to Access The Trainingwebsites to find a writer
    • tools to build your sales pages
    • payment processors
    • affiliate marketplaces
    • webinar services
    • membership site tools
    • web hosting services, and
    • the autoresponders.

Module 7: Hotseat. As a lurn insider student, you have the chance to get your business reviewed by one of the coaches. Every month they pick one student and review their business.

Module 8: Ask Us Anything Sessions, which are the LIVE webinars held every month personally by Anik and the coaches to answer your questions related to lurn insider right on the webinar. These sessions are recorded, so even you miss them, you can watch it anytime later 🙂

Module 9: Replays and,
Module 10: the bonuses which include:

    • $1 Million Case Study by Anik Singal6 Week Bootcamp (pre-recorded)
    • Email Masters Club
    • Done For You Research for 20+ Niches
    • Offer Master (learn how to find the BEST affiliate programs)
    • $1 Million Case Study (Anik Singal takes you behind the scenes and dissects one of his best affiliate promotions ever.)

These bonuses are enough for you to succeed online. I would advise that you DO NOT LOOK for more bonuses as there is nothing more required apart from the bonuses present in the dashboard.

In addition, you have a members only community and a Facebook group where you can interact with the coaches and other lurn insider members anytime. You can even view the questions already been asked earlier by them.

What about the Phase 3? 

Lurn CertificationOnce you complete the entire course and have your business running, you are eligible to apply for “Lurn Insider Certification”.

Anik and the expert coaches will personally review your business funnel and, if you have followed each step as mentioned with everything in place, you get a certificate from Lurn as a reward :-).

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What are the benefits? Why should you enroll?

There are many benefits of this training program, however, here are few of them:

Weekly Coaching With Anik Singal12 New Mastery Courses Released Every Month: Every month new video courses are added to help push your business forward.

Elite Active Marketers Community: All the lurn insider members have 24×7 front-of-the-line access to the expert coaches as well as to the Elite Active Marketers Community.

This has been created for members only.

Tools Insider: The moment you step into the members’ area, you have access to the #1 tools to automate your business.

Anik and his coaches have managed to create a list of websites where you can find freelancers to do your work or if you want to do the work on your own, there are various references to the tools.

Monthly Student Case Studies: Coaches select a student every month who have achieved success and create a case study to show other members what steps he exactly followed.

Open Office Hours LIVE Q&A Calls 2X a Month: You have access to the LIVE videos calls twice a month, either directly with Anik or his coaches.

Apart from this, you receive regular updates from Anik regarding the training and information that you can use to grow yourself and your business. You also receive updates from him and his team periodically on what you should check out inside the members’ area.

In case you are unable to locate where to log in after enrolling, go here:

The cost of enrolling in the program?

The initial cost to sign-up for the lurn insider training program is $4.97 for 21 days. Anik wants to change your life and this is the reason why he is giving you a chance to take a quick walk-through of the entire members’ area in 21 days at a little cost.

If you feel that this can take you to a next level, then you can continue at a $67/month charge. Your card will automatically be charged the 22nd day, so be sure whether you want to continue or not. If not, cancel your membership within 21 days.

There are two payment plans:

  1. Cost to Sign-Up$67/month, where you pay $67 every 30 days to continue your membership.
  2. And, the other is $397/year. I feel this is the best option as it saves almost $407 ($67/month x 12 = $804 a year).

P.S. – It is not a get rich quick system. You will have to spend some time to go through the course modules and the videos to understand how the strategy works. You can either spend 2 hours/day or, 10 hours a week for a month to get through the training.

Now, are there any upsells?

Of course, like most of the programs does, Lurn Insider has it’s own upsells. But, I won’t disclose them here 😉 It’s better you check out the official website for the upsells.

P.S. – The upsells are completely optional, so even if you skip them, it will not affect your membership.

Is the support team responsive?

Absolutely! They are super fast. There are 3 teams spread in 3 different time slots available to answer your questions right away.

In my experience, they have an average response time of 34 minutes, though on weekends they are slow.

My Final Verdict

review and ratingOverall, I review Lurn Insider a 4.5/5 star rating for its simple and easy to understand videos and the training material.

It includes all the tools, know-how and support required to build a successful affiliate marketing business and grow it.

There’s no better way to take your digital publishing business to the next level.

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Lurn Insider Entrepreneur’s Toolkit – What Is It? How To Get The One Free?

Anik Singal - Director & CEO at Lurn IncLurn is currently giving away free business toolkits named “Entrepreneur’s Toolkit” which helps ANYONE start an online business.

The toolkit gives you access to all the tools, education and support that you need to have that breakthrough and build a profitable online business.

After hundreds of millions of dollars sold online, and teaching tens of thousands of inexperienced students to build an online business from scratch, Anik and his team got this down to an art.

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit gives you access to the 21 Days Step-by-Step Blueprint that includes 3 courses (at zero cost) namely,

  1. Power Start-Up 101: It teaches about the 5 “Mind-Secrets” that 95% of millionaires share in common. Contains 5 videos to jump start your business.
  2. The Scaling Mind: Contains 60-minute entrepreneurial breakthrough which trains your mind to focus on your making $1 online, and the step by step system anyone can deploy from a LAPTOP to start an online business and scale it to millions.
  3. Profit Labs: A step by step blueprint to taking your business LIVE and getting the first sale. The course has been divided into day by day and one baby step at a time, followed by one assignment with each day.

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

There is a small contribution fee of $4.97 to get access to the entrepreneur’s toolkit which Anik will spend on a village. In return for your contribution, you get access to his Lurn Insider course absolutely free for 21 days. Consider it as your trial access 🙂

Click Here to Access 21 Days Trial Courses

If you are skeptical about the insider access, read my detailed lurn insider review here.

Why you need Lurn insider toolkit?

Anik says that the toolkit reveals his secret of making $120 million in sales after a failure of 18 months. He says although it is unbelievable, his story proves it better.

His story starts in the year 2001 when he was just 18 years and was a student on scholarship.

He was unhappy and wanted to be an entrepreneur; he wanted to control his future paving his own path.

He decided to look for ways he could make money online and so typed “how to make money” on Google. The moment the results appeared, he was completely surprised that people were actually making hundreds of dollars online.

He discovered people were making around $10,000 to $28,000 in a month and that too through home computers. After spending a few hours, he caught the secret behind their success; it was the PDFs’. They were selling nothing but 8-20 pages long PDFs.

Anik worked day and night, did whatever he could but again, no success! He tried almost 50 times but failed and then finally something happened that completely changed his life.

Anik says, “that morning I made not a single but multiple sales and profit was $300”. He then hooked up and never looked back again.

He says after 15 years now, his students are masters in it and what he could do in 18 months you can do in 21 days 🙂

The toolkit teaches every aspect in detail on how to build your own business or website from scratch and make it start bringing sales. You only need to watch the videos, follow each step and see the results.

What’s Inside?

Anik Singal - The Genius on CallThough the entire Lurn Insider course has been divided into 3 phases, toolkit covers the most important and crucial modules to guide you how things work; which is the Phase 1.

The first 3 modules are the 3 courses you get access to once you contribute. Phase 1 has been divided into 21 days lessons, which have been listed here.

There are 5 videos that are going to help you to master.

  1. The different strategy to avoid frustration as mistakes happen and many times things don’t work as planned
  2. The rewiring mind to think about yourself and not about society. And not what society wants to think about you that you should do 9 to 6 job.
  3. The secret behind his goal achievement and strategy called “peg method” which exactly tells about how he reached every goal which came true.
  4. His one advice that he learned from his experience.
  5. The multi-million secret with dos and don’ts.

These cover only the tips. However, you can watch the lesson videos under the members’ area to learn more.

In addition, there is an online mastery section which is a week-by-week coaching with Anik Singal.

What You Get?

To claim your free toolkit and access to lurn insider program for 21 days, click the button below 🙂

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