Lurn Insider Entrepreneur’s Toolkit – What Is It? How To Get The One Free?

Anik Singal - Director & CEO at Lurn IncLurn is currently giving away free business toolkits named “Entrepreneur’s Toolkit” which helps ANYONE start an online business.

The toolkit gives you access to all the tools, education and support that you need to have that breakthrough and build a profitable online business.

After hundreds of millions of dollars sold online, and teaching tens of thousands of inexperienced students to build an online business from scratch, Anik and his team got this down to an art.

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit gives you access to the 21 Days Step-by-Step Blueprint that includes 3 courses (at zero cost) namely,

  1. Power Start-Up 101: It teaches about the 5 “Mind-Secrets” that 95% of millionaires share in common. Contains 5 videos to jump start your business.
  2. The Scaling Mind: Contains 60-minute entrepreneurial breakthrough which trains your mind to focus on your making $1 online, and the step by step system anyone can deploy from a LAPTOP to start an online business and scale it to millions.
  3. Profit Labs: A step by step blueprint to taking your business LIVE and getting the first sale. The course has been divided into day by day and one baby step at a time, followed by one assignment with each day.

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

There is a small contribution fee of $4.97 to get access to the entrepreneur’s toolkit which Anik will spend on a village. In return for your contribution, you get access to his Lurn Insider course absolutely free for 21 days. Consider it as your trial access 🙂

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If you are skeptical about the insider access, read my detailed lurn insider review here.

Why you need Lurn insider toolkit?

Anik says that the toolkit reveals his secret of making $120 million in sales after a failure of 18 months. He says although it is unbelievable, his story proves it better.

His story starts in the year 2001 when he was just 18 years and was a student on scholarship.

He was unhappy and wanted to be an entrepreneur; he wanted to control his future paving his own path.

He decided to look for ways he could make money online and so typed “how to make money” on Google. The moment the results appeared, he was completely surprised that people were actually making hundreds of dollars online.

He discovered people were making around $10,000 to $28,000 in a month and that too through home computers. After spending a few hours, he caught the secret behind their success; it was the PDFs’. They were selling nothing but 8-20 pages long PDFs.

Anik worked day and night, did whatever he could but again, no success! He tried almost 50 times but failed and then finally something happened that completely changed his life.

Anik says, “that morning I made not a single but multiple sales and profit was $300”. He then hooked up and never looked back again.

He says after 15 years now, his students are masters in it and what he could do in 18 months you can do in 21 days 🙂

The toolkit teaches every aspect in detail on how to build your own business or website from scratch and make it start bringing sales. You only need to watch the videos, follow each step and see the results.

What’s Inside?

Anik Singal - The Genius on CallThough the entire Lurn Insider course has been divided into 3 phases, toolkit covers the most important and crucial modules to guide you how things work; which is the Phase 1.

The first 3 modules are the 3 courses you get access to once you contribute. Phase 1 has been divided into 21 days lessons, which have been listed here.

There are 5 videos that are going to help you to master.

  1. The different strategy to avoid frustration as mistakes happen and many times things don’t work as planned
  2. The rewiring mind to think about yourself and not about society. And not what society wants to think about you that you should do 9 to 6 job.
  3. The secret behind his goal achievement and strategy called “peg method” which exactly tells about how he reached every goal which came true.
  4. His one advice that he learned from his experience.
  5. The multi-million secret with dos and don’ts.

These cover only the tips. However, you can watch the lesson videos under the members’ area to learn more.

In addition, there is an online mastery section which is a week-by-week coaching with Anik Singal.

What You Get?

To claim your free toolkit and access to lurn insider program for 21 days, click the button below 🙂

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